Heißluftfritteuse – A necessity in everyone’s home


Heißluftfritteuse, generally referred to as hot air fryer, is a modern cooking tool which is intended for frying, roasting or grilling of food without using the copious oil or fat volumes we are used to. The fact is, the technology guarantees that the food being made gets not only the taste of deep fried food but also the texture. Grease is one of the main reasons of cardiovascular diseases, and if you are capable of excluding it from your diet, then you are protected from these ailments.

How Heißluftfritteuse works

The devices have a design that provides for circulation of remarkably hot air in such a fashion imitating the flow and movement of heat flows within a pot with boiling oil. This allows the system to crisp the outside of the food whereas the inside is allowed to cook. Some modernized designs come with grilling components that are essential for combined crispness and browning.

In a nutshell, the Heißluftfritteuse system has been designed to be used for oil-less healthy cooking. The effect is food that is very moist and well-cooked on the inside with the outside being crispy brown and very attractive to the eye.




Improved health

Obviously, as you are not deep frying foods, this indicates that you are not going to be setting yourself at the similar dangers. Heißluftfritteuse only needs a little amount of oil to cook the food well; some actually use hot air, so no oil is required at all. With the nonexistence of oil, foods which could usually be off the menu can now be used by many without having to worry about plugging up your arteries or adding on weight.

Less odors

Heißluftfritteuse normally comes with an inbuilt air filter. This means that when you are cooking the odor of frying will not destroy the fresh smell of your kitchen or your house.


hgdhgd764As many of the air fryers now are self-contained, the security risks associated with using frying pans is greatly decreased. Keep in mind that most house fire incidents usually begin the kitchen especially when the stove is left unattended. Heißluftfritteuse comes with an auto-off button that shuts down the appliance the food has been cooked.

All these extra safety features will help ensure that you and your family are safe while you are preparing a delightful and healthy meal.

Cost effective

As Heißluftfritteuse requires minimal fat, you won’t have to worry about purchasing too much oil. You will also save on energy bills.

Multiple dishes cooking

Some of the fryers come with several sections so you can cook various meals at once without altering the flavor.